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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Verdict: Terragusto

I LOVE Italian food. To celebrate one whole month of marriage, we headed to Terragusto to relive some honeymoon culinary memories. We had heard really good things about the food, and it's BYOB.

Terragusto? More like Terra-bly disappointing.

Service was HORRIBLE. Our waitress ignored us 90% of the time. However, there was a younger guy serving the table next to us, and he seemed really good. We had to ask twice to have our wine opened, we didn't get water until we were halfway through our second glass of wine, and we didn't get bread until we were done with our pasta course and waiting for our entree.
We did the Italian meal - an appetizer, a pasta and then a shared entree. I had the polenta with cheese sauce and asparagus, which was very good. My husband had a trio of bruschetta, which he said was only OK. 50% to start.
On to the pasta course. Terragusto hypes its housemade pastas as the cornerstone of their menu. However, both of our pastas were horrific. I had the four cheese ravioli in a brown butter sauce. The sauce was greasy and flavorless, so it was like eating cheese ravioli sitting in puddle of oil. Ick. My husband had their famous chard pasta baked in ragu. This was mediocre at best. The pasta was way overcooked, and it tasted like a tuna-less tuna noodle casserole. 0 for 2 on the pastas.
We shared the pork tenderloin for our main course. It was cooked within an inch of its life and was barely edible. Fail for the main course.
The Verdict: The polenta was really good, as was the bottle of wine we brought with us. That's where it ends. Sketchy service, overhyped pastas and an overcooked, dry main course were really disappointing. And disappointment doesn't come cheap - $120 for a meal that didn't include booze (or dessert)? I highly doubt we'll be back.

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