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Monday, August 4, 2008

Trendy Shit: Rose wines

Yes, yes, I know. Pink wine is reminiscent of boxes with spigots, hillbillies and grandmas. It's "trashy." And Lord knows I hate trashy shit.

All roses are not created equal. All white zins are roses. HOW. EV. ER. All roses are NOT white zin! Say it with me people: trendy, not trashy!

Like easygoing jersey dresses and gladiator sandals, roses are big for summer. Here's why: roses are a bit sweet, a bit spicy and compliment a LOT of "summer" foods like grilled meats and stuff slathered in BBQ sauce. They are really easy to drink as well. It is as easy to drink a big glass of rose as it is to throw on your fave jersey dress and flat sandals.

A favorite summer rose is Borsao, a Spanish rose. Light and crisp with just enough sweetness, this wine tastes like strawberries in a more-mature-than-Boone's-Farm sort of way. It's got a nice little bit of spice to it as well. We just killed a bottle with grilled pork chops with a spicy rub - YUM.

Get yourself some Borsao at Que Syrah on Southport for about $12.

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ryanserafin said...

Woohoo! I love the blog. I just read the whole thing since, uh, I don't spend enough time on the internet.

I heart Beer Margaritas- a staple when we Q as well, I'm making your Ultimate Stuffed Mushrooms this weekend, and I've been on board with the Rose trend this summer, too. I now bow down to you LegalFoodie....

Oh, and I think you'd like a sparkling Rose that I bought for Ravinia last Saturday. Name is escaping me, but I am drinking (of course)- it's actually a Prosecco base, it's in a clear bottle with a full visible cork, oval white label. Hmmm. The same vineyard also produces a straight up Prosecco in the same bottle but with green glass. Eh, it'll come to me when I'm sober, and then I'll suck you into my sparkling Rose quagmire of deliciousness.