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Monday, August 4, 2008

Let's start this party off right: Beer Margaritas!

My bridesmaids compiled the ultimate wedding gift for me - a cookbook composed of various recipes from all my friends and family, professionally printed and bound. I love it! I've made exactly one recipe from that book thus far - Beer Margaritas.

Holy shit.

These things are amazingly simply, and amazingly potent. Awesome for a party, as it takes approximately three minutes to make a pitcher and get back to the party! No one likes manning a blender at a BBQ. Remember as you are putting them down that they are 50% booze. Eh...eff it. Let's be honest - the only thing lawyers like more than suing people is getting sloshed. Enjoy!

Beer Margaritas
1 12 oz. can limeade
12 oz. water (booooo...but necessary)
12 oz. tequila (yaaaaaaay!)
12 oz. beer (use Lite)

Dump limeade into a pitcher. Use the empty can to measure water and tequila. Pour bottle or can of beer into the mix. Stir briefly, and serve over ice. Repeat. Stand up slowly.

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