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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

That juice so sweet like Georgia peaches, wanna suck it up like leeches, uhhhhhhh-huh!

Yeah, I just quoted lyrics from Freak Nasty's Da Dip, circa 1998. And what?

When it comes to my peach daiquiris, the post title is the straight truth! Whenever I make these for a girls' night or a BBQ, they are GONE.

1 small can of limeade concentrate
4 fresh peaches, pitted
1/2 can of light rum (use the empty limeade can to measure)
Ice cubes

Pour the whole lot in a blender and frappe! Taste, throw caution to the wind, and hit that shiz with an extra splash of rum. Remember, the only thing lawyers like more than suing people is getting sloshed.

Pour into margarita or daiquiri glasses and garnish with a lime if you're feeling fancy. Not so much? Pour them bitches into fratty red plastic cups and get after it.

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