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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Verdict: Southport Grocery

Oh my god. I cannot believe we haven't been there before today.

Well, we've tried to go there, but by the time we get up, get ready, pick up a paper and walk the four blocks, there is always an hour wait. The place is TINY. So, we usually end up going to Julius Meinl, Violet or Deleece, where the wait is minimal or non-existent.

I can see why people will wait, hungover, for more than an hour to eat here.

Southport Grocery may be my new favorite breakfast spot. I had perfectly spicy Bloody Mary (which was NOT made with Mrs. T's, thank god). I had an omelet with rosemary roasted ham, gruyere cheese, mushrooms and leeks. Leeks are one of my favorite things, as are ham-cheese-mushroom omelets, so this was perfection.

Mr. Foodie had the stuffed French toast, which was stuffed with cinnamon apples and cream cheese and topped with a maple glaze and walnuts.

The BEST PART was the red potato mash that accompanied my omelet. Smashed red potatoes with onions, sour cream and some other stuff - best mashed potatoes ever. I would seriously just order the mash. So good.

I would very highly recommend this place. I cannot believe it took us over three years to eat here!

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