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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Foodie Rant

Where the HELL is summer?

Seriously, how much longer is the cold and monotony going to go on? I miss grilling every night on our deck, orzo and fruit salads, bottles of rose wine and margaritas on weeknights and loooooooong Friday cocktail hours on the deck. I miss nightly tennis followed by burgers, brined chicken breasts or citrusy fish. I miss walking to DQ and eating blizzards on the patio. I miss alfresco dining - everywhere. I even miss the smell of the citronella candles. I cannot wait.

End rant.


Angie said...

AMEN. I'm ready for a few margarita-soaked evenings myself.

The Legal Foodie said...


GP said...

you can have it year round, sister

Danielle said...

Note the date on this post is Feb. 18th...almost two months later I am thinking the saaaaame things.